S1 Ep1 – Cat Wildman

Women in Tech Not Just Code Podcast

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Welcome to the first episode of this brand new podcast!  And what better way to start, than by chatting to my very own ‘real model’.  She’s someone who gave me that extra boost of confidence that set me on a path to creating the Women In Tech Not Just Code community and this podcast.  So it’s only right that you should get to meet her too. 

Introducing the amazing Cat Wildman (@CatWildman2000), the woman who loves smashing stereotypes and challenging norms.  Her energy is incredible.

She’s a mum of 3 and an award-winning Product person who studied science to land a role as an estate agent before she found her home in Technology.  She has immersed herself into all things Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and launched a new company and app in lockdown.  I’ve admired Cat’s tenancity and drive which is why I knew she would be perfect for this podcast.

We cover so many things including

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Guest links

Find out about The GEC: Global Equality Collective and The GEC App. For more information about Cat Wildman you can find her on LinkedIn

Show Notes

  • The time when she got me on a stage at Women of Silicon Roundabout [03.50]
  • Life in lockdown and homeschooling [05.00]
  • How she got started in Tech [07:30]
  • Going digital & when product became a thing [15:00]
  • Being mum & having a career [21:00]
  • Myths about Men [34:00]
  • Femininity in Tech [38:00]

People mentioned

Debbie Forster, CEO Tech Talent Charter