Our Aims

As a community, our aims are to to build a support network for women working in technology, who are most likely not a developer; we’re supporting career development by demonstrating routes into tech and future career identities; showcasing tech role models (real models) we will encourage girls into tech careers; establish affiliated Women in Tech Not Just code groups in other organisations and working with other networks.

Our Values

Women in Tech Not Just Code celebrates every single person in a tech company. This is why Women in Tech Not Just Code resonates with so many organisations and individuals. At the heart of our community are three simple values:

Not just code and not just for women, everyone who works in technology or the technology sector is welcome to be part of the conversation. Whatever our pronouns, we share ideas, support each other by being inclusive – no man bashing here! We all rise by lifting others. Through positive connections; community interaction we will help everyone move from talking about change to creating change, creating environments where we belong and thrive.

By bringing together people at all levels and talking to ‘real models’ that share experiences, we dispel the myths, soundbites and gimmicks that may be holding us back. We will tackle issues through plain speaking, honesty, no gimmicks or sound bytes; no fakery – just reality.